Unemployment/Subpay COVID19

S.U.B. will be processed automatically. No need to upload any information through dashboard. Hopefully it helps answer some of the questions about S.U.B. payments:
FCA will be processing layoffs due to the Suspension of Operations (Coronavirus) and following the same layoff protocol. Below is a brief overview for your reference.

Michigan, Illinois and Ohio:
1. FCA will send a file to the State containing information on all laid off employees;
a. this will open an unemployment claim for these employees
b. Supplemental Employees are not included on this file and must open their own claim with the State.
2. The employee will need to set up their Unemployment account with the State.
3. The State will process the employees claim and determine their benefit.
4. The employee will need to certify their unemployment with the State.
5. The State will process the unemployment benefit.
6. The State will send a file of the payments they made to FCA.
7. FCA will process the employee’s SUB payment the following week.

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Wayne State Labor Studies

WISE Workshop/Conference Series

What is the WISE@Wayne conference series all about?

The Labor Studies Center at Wayne State University has created the WISE (Workers in Solidarity & Education) conference series that is committed to the teaching and learning of workers through innovative and advanced labor education programs. Our WISE educational events focus on empowering workers by strengthening highly sought after skills including leadership, communication and strategic planning.  WISE@Wayne conferences will also provide the space for workers from various industries, occupations, experiences and backgrounds to connect through common struggles and identify effective strategies that build solidarity and power in their workplaces, unions and communities. 

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Please see Marci Leahey

If anyone is interested in taking any of these classes the fee is covered by TAP
(if you have available funds)

Ethics Hotline

Call to seek guidance or report potential concern related to the Code of Conduct, Harassment, Discrimination, Company Policies, or the law!

SVS Vision Schedule

SVS will be at TMP 2nd Thursday of every month from 6:00 am-3:00 pm

You may also visit the Toledo store location below:

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