Labor Studies

March 28-30, 2019
at the Westin Southfield Detroit


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Advanced Workshops

During the three-day WISE@Wayne conference, participates will attend one advanced labor education workshop and interactive general sessions that include speakers, panels and group exercises.  Choose 1 course from below.

  1. One of a Few, Representing Many:  Collective Bargaining Immersion 
    (Course Code:  CBIM2)
    Experience the collective bargaining process from A to Z with interactive exercises and scenarios.  You will learn the legal foundation, ground rules and decision-making process involved in the bargaining process.  Practice table tactics, writing contract language and strategies to avoid impasse.
  2. The Young, the New and the Restless:  Empowerment Through Knowledge 
    (Course Code: RREYW2)
    Are you new to a union workplace?  Do you want to understand how unions operate and how to better position yourself for engagement and recognition within your organization?  Well, this course is for you!  Participants will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the internal workings of most labor organizations, including an introduction to organizing, representation, collective bargaining and political action.  Participants will also discuss the importance of activism and why worker engagement is most valued and beneficial to workplace power.
  3. Advance Grievance Handling:   
    (Course Code:  AGH)
    This Advanced Grievance course is designed for those with knowledge of the basic grievance handling process but would like to examine and discuss how arbitrators evaluate due process, discipline, discharge cases, just cause, past practice and contract interpretation standards. Grievance resolution strategies will also be reviewed.
  4. The Student Revolution: Develop and Practice Teaching Techniques  
    (Course Code: TSR2)
    This course will transition the student to educator and position you to develop effective teaching techniques.   Topics will include developing group needs assessment, learning objectives and evaluating the impact of training initiatives.  This training course covers effective teaching techniques, learning styles, training design, and lesson planning.
  5. Planting Seeds:  Creating Opportunities and Developing New Leaders 
    (Course Code: PSCO2)
    This course will challenge and inspire the next generation of labor leaders. You will gain powerful strategies to help you advance to the next level of leadership while building your network of fellow leaders and mentors. This workshop will help you evaluate your leadership style and strengths and then offer leadership development tools and strategies so you can learn how to go from entry level to organizational decision-maker at the leadership level.
  6. Getting Down to Union Business: Using Parliamentary Procedure to Run Effective Meetings 
    (Course Code: GDTB2)
    This hands-on course is designed for people who are new to parliamentary procedure or those who want a refresher on the fundamental concepts of effective meeting procedures.  You will practice a set of well-proven rules and concepts designed to move business along in meetings.
  7. Building Bridges:  Advancing Social Justice Unionism Through Labor History and Civil Rights Education 
    (Course Code:  ASJ3)
    How can all workers build power together?  Learn to build your capacity to advance workplace and community justice while examining labor history and civil rights education.  In this workshop, you will examine historic events of our past while addressing issues workers are faced with today.  During this session, participates will learn how to engage in honest and complex cross-cultural dialogue, while using history, to rededicate themselves to an inclusive fight for racial, social and economic justice.
  8. Employment Law Updates
    (Course Code:  ELU)
    Attorneys will lead this in-depth legal course.  Day one reviews the recent changes in federal labor laws and will examine union elections, temporary employees and off-duty conduct such as social media, recreational drug use and right to privacy. Day two will focus on three laws the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and its interaction with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and work-related injuries under MI Workers Comp law.

Conference Fees 
$575 (this includes $75 meal payment).  UAW-Ford, UAW-Chrysler, UAW-GM and USW tuition assistance pays $500 and the student is responsible for the $75 meal payment fee.

Please contact Marci Leahey 419-661-3532 for tuition assistance


Payments in the form of check, money order or tuition assistance voucher should be received by the Labor Studies Center no later than 3/22/19.  Due to high demand and limited capacity, the Labor Studies Center encourages you to register and pay for the WISE conference ASAP.  You will not be confirmed until full payment is received.

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Labor Studies

2019 Wednesday Night Spring Semester Grievance Handing and Arbitration
March 6 – April 10

and Arbitration
March 6 – April 10

and Arbitration
March 6 – April 10

nd Arbitration
March 6 – April 10

UM-D Fairlane Center North Building,
19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn, MI, 48126
The Spring Semester in Labor Relations is designed for workers who prefer evening instruction during the middle of the week. The course runs 6 Wednesdays, March 6 –  April 10, from 5:30-8:00 pmSeating is limited to 36. To earn a Certificate of Completion a student must attend a minimum 5 out of 6 classes.

We welcome participants from all genders and all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

Download the file for the registration form here.

March 06: Legal Rights of Stewards    

March 13: Duties of Stewards      

March 20: Investigations

March 27:  Discipline and Hearings

April 03:   Writing Grievances

April 10: Preparing to Arbitrate

Download the file for the registration form here. Mail completed form with payment to the Center using the directions on the form. CONFIRMATIONS ARE SENT BY EMAIL! BE SURE WE HAVE A CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED FOR YOU! 

COST is $600. Tuition Assistance (TAP) programs cover this instruction.  If using TAP, apply online or with your tuition assistance representative. Pay by check or credit/debit (see contact info lower right). Make payment to UM-D CLCS. Payments are due March 1.  

TIMES AND DATES  Class sessions are 5:30 to 8:00 pm on Wednesdays, March 6 through April 10, 2019.

LOCATION  All sessions will be held at the UM-D Fairlane Center, North Building.  Parking is free in the North Lot at the far end of the Fairlane Buildings.

2019 Michigan School for Women Workers
April 11-13

UM-D Fairlane Center North Building,
19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn, MI, 48126

The Michigan School for Women Workers invites alworkers, union or non-union, and activists from allied organizations to share ideas and grow skills for responding to the challenges facing working persons. We welcome participants from all genders and all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.Brochure is available here.


1. WOMEN IN LABOR HISTORY: Come celebrate our sisters that paved the way for workplace fairness.  Be inspired to join the next vanguard of leaders!   

2. SEXUAL HARASSMENT & BULLYING: What happens when harassment and bullying enters the shop? Get to know the warning signs, proper response, andpossible solutions.

3. DIVERSITY: IMPLICIT & HIDDEN BIAS: Solidarity means transcending our differences, and finding strength in our diverse backgrounds. Class members will be given tools to deal with micro-aggression, lateral violence, and learn how to build solidarity in a diverse workplace.

4. BASIC UNION SKILLS: Become an activist! This course informs and educates participants on how to get involved and how to successfully build unity in yourmembership.

5. STEWARDS AND COMMITTEEPERSON TRAINING: A workshop designed for front-line union representatives and activists. Basic skills, such as writing grievances, holding hearings, and winning justice for our members.

6. LOCAL UNION ADMINISTRATION: This class will cover the rules and regulations governing a union, including federal laws, fiduciary responsibilities, elections and committee work.

7. PRINT & SOCIAL MEDIA: This class teaches modern methods to inform members, combining traditional printed materials as well as social media. You will learn how to create a Facebook page, newsletters and journals, etc.

8. PUBLIC SPEAKING: Get up and speak up! If you want to become active in your union, you have to find your voice. Learn to put together a brief speech, one that will move your listeners and get attention in a good way.

9. FINANCIAL PLANNING: How much money are you going to need to retire? When can you afford to retire? What will it take to meet those goals? Come plan your financial future.


Registration form is available here. Mail completed form with payment to the Center using the directions on the form.  You can also use the online registration form here.

COST is $600 ($540 tuition, $60 mandatory meal fee). Please register and pay by March 28, 2019. If we receive the full $600 payment by that date, you are eligiblefor the Express Lane—a shorter wait in line to check inMandatory meal payment covers 2 full breakfasts and 2 lunches; evening meals are on your own. Tuition Assistance (TAP) programs cover tuition portion, but not meals. If using TAP, apply for $540 tuition; you or your workplace include the $60 meal payment with yourregistration.

TIMES AND DATES First check-in is Thursday, April 11, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. A welcome program runs from 7 – 9 pm at the Fairlane Club adjacent to the UM-D’s Fairlane Center. There is a 2nd check-in period from 7:30-8:45 am Friday, April 12. Program begins at 9am; workshops follow and run until 5:00 pm Friday, and from 8 am until 5:00pm Saturday, April 13.

PLACE The conference will be held at the UM-D’s Fairlane Center North, at 19000 Hubbard Road, Dearborn, MI 48126.  Parking is free in the North Lot at the far end of the Fairlane.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Rooms are available at the Courtyard by Marriott at 5200 Mercury Drive in Dearborn for $98.00 per night plus tax, single or double. Call 313-271-1400 to make reservations. Be sure to mention the University of Michigan for the special rate.

Benefits – Frank Bills

To All Retirees of UAW Local 1435 enrolled with Aetna Medicare Advantage Health Plan.
Promedica dispute with Aetna is over.
Promedica announced that Aetna Medicare Advantage Members no longer have to worry about losing coverage for services provided by Promedica Physicians in 2019 and beyond.

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Frank Bills


Davis Vision is now part of Versant Health. This will not change or impact vision benefits, but the logo will be updated later this year. Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.Will there be changes to our provider network? No

2.Are pricing or billing procedures changing? No

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4.Will there be changes to the website for Davis Vision? The web address remains

5.Will the telephone and fax numbers be changing? The telephone and fax numbers will remain the same along with mailing addresses.


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BuildBuyUSA… It’s OUR Future!

BuildBuyUSA is about our future. It’s about the big picture of bringing back the well-paying and sustainable manufacturing jobs that supported all of us for generations. It’s also about the small choices we make every day. Through the power of our wallets, we can reward employers who respect worker rights and the environment, who hire from the community and give back to those who help us all grow. We can have the future we want, but it won’t happen through grandstanding or flag waving. By working together, our actions and choices can change the future. It’s that simple.

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TAP Guidelines

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