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June 22, 2020

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Insurance Coverage when on Layoff

For those of you that are on layoff and are concerned about your Medical Benefits.
Medical Benefits are good through the end of the month after the month in which the lay off began.  Plus amount of time in the following Table:

Please be advised that Supplemental employees who are not reinstated in May will have their benefits continued through June.  Likewise, laid-off In-Progression employees with less than one year of service who would normally lose coverage will also have their benefits continued through June.  Traditional members’ dental coverage will be extended as well.  A communication will be sent to the employees and will be similar to the communication sent to them in April and May.

June 1, 2020

BENEFITS for layed off personnel

Please be advised that Supplemental employees who are not reinstated in May will have their benefits continued through June.  Likewise, laid-off In-Progression employees with less than one year of service who would normally lose coverage will also have their benefits continued through June.  Traditional members’ dental coverage will be extended as well.  A communication will be sent to the employees and will be similar to the communication sent to them in April and May.

Updated information regarding S&A.

1.  Through June 30, 2020, the Company will continue to relax the time frames for treatment with nurse practitioners/physician assistants and non-psychiatrist mental health providers.  This should assist employees with continuing to remain eligible for S&A while medical practices are still working on a return to more normal operations.  Note: We plan to return to the 14 day and 60 day allowed certification periods on July 1st, however, if there are still substantial health care access issues at that time, we will revisit this.

2.  The Company has not been scheduling DEP exams since the beginning of March.  At this point, they will continue to refrain from scheduling exams through the end of June 2020.  It makes sense to wait until employees have better access to their health care providers and to medical services which have been limited during the pandemic.

3.  At this time, the Company will continue to accept telehealth treatment for disability claims.  We have seen many employees utilize telehealth over the past couple of months, and it has worked out well from a disability claim perspective.

We’d like to inform you that FCA will be covering the COVID-19 testing paid by FCA at 100%. All Carriers have been notified of this benefit.

Message from: Tim Walbolt COVID19

Message from UAW Local 1435 Local President
Tim Walbolt

May 31, 2020

Good evening everyone. Hope you have had a good weekend. I want to pass on some information that was sent to me yesterday by the HR group. There has been another update to the self assessment questionnaire that we fill out prior to starting our shift. As you will note…it has gone from 6 questions to 4, and “domestic air travel” is no longer on it. For those with vacation plans this is definitely a relief. If you are currently using the mobile version it is being updated automatically, and I am told it will be ready to go for 3rd shift tonight. For those using the paper form you can use the old one to get through the checkpoint tonight, and tomorrow. The new form will be provided to you during your shift. Please be sure to ask your supervisor if you do not receive one.
On Friday a representative of the UAW Safety Dept. audited the plant to gauge how TMP is doing on all the changes that must happen. He spoke to several people on the floor, and received lots of good ideas on areas we can improve. Thank you to those who openly shared their thoughts, and ideas.
We will be seeing more of our 1435 family returning starting on 3rd shift tonight. I hope that everyone returning, along with those already in the plant continue to stay safe and healthy. The masks are uncomfortable, and definitely take some getting used to. Hopefully, we will eventually be able to work without them, but until then please remember they are one step in many to protect each other. This week is supposed to be another hot one, so please take your time, be mindful of your fluids, and look out for each other.

May 13, 2020

Quick update this morning:

Good morning everyone. Some of you may have received calls yesterday, and some others will be recieving calls today. TMP is beginning to recall some areas for some production, line/machine startup, and getting your dept. ready for production starts. Here is the list management provided to us

May 7, 2020
I hope this message finds you all, and your families in good health. Today we received confirmation that call backs are happening throughout the Corporation. Many facilities have plans to start limited production the week of the May 18th. They have begun the process of calling back additional Trades, T/L’s, and in some cases Team Members as early as next week. For TMP…currently production is planned for 9829, 9826, 9823, and 9821 for the week of the 18th. Some have been recalled for next week to begin starting up equipment. As it stands today, additional production is scheduled for 9835, 9851, 9850, and 9824. There will be added recalls the week of the 18th for starting up those lines. All of this also include needed Depts. for supporting those production dates (3330, 6000, etc..). Other depts…9855, 54, 53, 48 and 42 are currently planned to begin production the week of June 1st with start up the week prior. Initially volumes are low the first week for every dept starting, but grow each week from there. I do caution that these plans have been changing almost daily, and I cannot guarantee what next week will bring. We will continue to update as soon as we have “real” information.

As far as COVID-19 specific information we discussed with VP Cindy Estrada, and her staff the many “what if’s” that are out there. We were told that specific Non-Counter coding has been developed to deal with COVID-19 related absences. Plans have also been agreed to make provisions for those having to care for sick family members, or who may have specific issues preventing them from returning to work. This would be handled through a Leave-of-abscence. Those with very specific health concerns (high risk) should make an appointment with their personal Doctor, and if deemed necessary an S&A Benefit Claim will need to be made.
I know this information will raise many questions, and there are additional scenarios that need to be considered. Next week the Shop Committee will be going over all of these items in greater detail with the HR Manager. We were told that they were sent a full detailed breakdown of the agreed upon protocols, and will be sharing them with us. International Dept stated to us that everyone is aware that issues will pop up, but expressed that if necessary these should be communicated to our Servicing Reps. for resolution.
I apologize for the lengthy message. We will continue to work on answering as many questions as possible. I hope this answers some. There will be more details next week as we get them.
I hope all continue to stay safe, and remain in good health. Please take care of yourselves, your families, and each other.

April 30, 2020

There is an updated version of the self evaluation questionnaire that I wanted to share with you all. The change is to question #3. The original version posted previously only had a question about air travel. Question 3(b) was added, which involves out of state travel. This question concerns leisure travel as can be seen from the examples given. I was informed that this is the form you will receive in the packet being mailed to you.
click here for printable screening sheet UPDATED

April 27, 2020

It was confirmed, in a conference call, just a few moments ago that “Machine/Line” start ups at TMP are now delayed until the week of May 18th. Minimal production is now set to begin the week of May 25th. This is mainly due to Michigan extending their “Stay at Home” order, and the subsequent changes at the Detroit assembly plants.
Also, to go back to some earlier questions about temperature checks. There are confirmed plans to install Thermal cameras at the plant entrance that will be set to identify anyone with a temp at 100.4 or above. The projected date for recieving those cameras is prior to the May 25th call back. With that, everyone is still encouraged to check their temp at home prior to coming to work.
Additionally, based upon Governor Dewine’s guidelines, continued discussions are going on at the Corporate/International level regarding those with pre-existing conditions. The discussion, as I am told, revolves around when/how those with such conditions should return to work. More to come on that.
Finally, packets started being mailed out from corporate yesterday. You should all start recieving them soon. As discussed in prior posts, these packets include information for when you return to work. Please read through all the material carefully, and we will try to answer any questions you may have. Not included in the packet is an mobile form of the questionnaire. The company has developed a QR code that can be used to link everyone to a mobile version that can be filled out. This will speed up the plant entry process for those who are comfortable using the mobile form. We will provide more information on that in the coming days.
This is where things stand at the moment.

I hope everyone in the 1435 family is safe, and healthy. Please keep each other in mind as many have friends, and perhaps family that are currently sick.
As always…Please take care of yourselves, your families, and each other when possible.

April 24, 2020

Yesterday we had a conference call with VP Cindy Estrada, and her staff. This call included the leadership from every UAW Local representing an FCA facility.
I want to assure everyone that you are not alone in your concerns, and nearly every question I have read on this page was asked from multiple locations.  Every FCA facility are working through the same issues as us, and the entire membership’s concerns were expressed loud and clear.
Some of the take aways:
As you may have already heard, or seen the UAW has taken the position that a May 4th startup is to soon. They are trying to send a message to State Governors, get FCA, Ford, and GM to reconsider. We will have to wait, and see how that turns out.
Cindy Estrada, and her team were able to negotiate with FCA a change in the type of layoff everyone is currently on. Initially it was called “Indefinite”, and now it will be considered “Temporary” under the contract. This will be retroactive to the very first week of layoff.
**This is an important change. Under “Temporary” language our SUB credits (weeks) are not taken away for every week we are paid. Under “Indefinite” language these credits are reduced every week of a layoff. This provides some protection if another layoff were to happen due to volumes in the near future. This is a concern considering the economy is taking a big hit as well, and we have no idea what the auto market will look like coming out of this.
While every question/concern brought up didn’t have an answer. It was expressed that they will be taking these items to the company. They are committed to holding FCA accountable to all of the safety guidelines as outlined by each State Governor, and Dept. of Health.
We were asked to create a list of items that have not yet been addressed, or that we feel requires further attention. We will be sending that list to the UAW Safety Dept.
That is a brief breakdown of yesterday’s call. I wanted to share these highlights with you all.
Please stay safe, and healthy.

April 22, 2020

Message from UAW Local 1435 Local PresidentSafety on PPE, a cover sheet explaining steps, 1 reusable forehead strip thermometer, directions on face mask usage, and multiple copies of an employee screening checklist. (I have included pictures).

April 22, 2020

Plant entry. I have been advised that everyone will be receiving, in the mail, a packet from FCA. This packet will include a letter from the FCA Head of Corporate Please read through the material thoroughly as I am sure you will have many questions.
The entry process being worked on is as follows:
1. At the beginning of the tunnel each person will receive two (2) face masks, and gloves will also be available. At that point a face masks must be put on. New face masks, and gloves will be provided each day.
2. In the tunnel…foot printing, and a divider down the center will be present to encourage 6ft. of distance between each person as they move through that area.
3. At the other end of tunnel (before turnstiles) tables will be set up with a clear plexiglass barrier for showing the completed checklist. Having the checklist filled out before coming to work will help speed up the process.
4. From there you will move to the turnstiles. Barriers for spacing will be in place, and a place to leave your completed form will be provided. As of now, only two (2) turnstiles will be operational. On the other side of the turnstiles hand sanitizer will be provided.

Again, this is currently a work in progress. There was a meeting today outside the plant to review the process, make suggestions on improving, and pointing out potential problem areas. This process is being implemented at all FCA facilities, and we will see similar steps being taken at all businesses as they begin to reopen.
The most important goal is keeping everyone safe as the Governor begins lifting the “Stay at Home” Order.

-As of today there has been no indication that FCA will be testing every employee for the virus. That could obviously change based upon Governor Dewine’s direction for businesses opening up.

I understand this post is going to cause some frustration, many questions, and perhaps even some disagreement. However, the current situation requiries some very different steps to be taken, and this is the plan at the moment. We need to look out for each other if it is going to work. We need to work together to keep ourselves healthy, and safe.

** Please post your questions, and concerns in the comments**

I would like to present them to HR, the plant manager, and our Union leadership in Detroit over the next couple of days.

As always I hope this post finds you all in good health. Please continue taking care of yourselves, your families, and each other.
**  via Facebook or email **

Click here for printable information
Click here for printable packet info
Click here for printable screening sheet
Click here for printable thermometer instructions
Click here for printable mask instructions

Good morning 1435
The first thing I want to share with you all is about (potential) return dates. To start I want to be very clear that EVERYTHING is dependant upon Governor Dewine, and the Ohio Dept. of Health allowing the Stay at Home Order to expire May 1st. If they decide to extend the the Order then all businesses will have to adjust accordingly.
As it stands TODAY…a limited amount of people will be called back for the week of May 4th. This will be for machine/line “start-up”, and some shipping. TMP has not provided a manpower number for that, but I will share it when they do.
Production is CURRENTLY scheduled by FCA to begin the week of May 11th, but it would be limited. Products scheduled for that week are: 235, 248, DS, and PHEV.
The rest of the product lines are scheduled to begin the following week, May 18th.
Again, these are all projected dates, and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The Fed, Governor Dewine, and the situation of plants we supply can all cause these dates to change.
In the coming days we are asking the company how that plan relates to manpower in the plant, and when people should start expecting calls.
I wanted to share this first, so everyone can have a basic timeline as things stand TODAY.
This also raises many questions about those with pre-existing conditions, or considered “high risk”. These questions/concerns have been raised to the company. I have been told by HR that these, and other questions are currently under review at the corporate level.
** I want to thank all of you for your patience, and perseverance. This situation is one that is totally new for us all, and it changes daily. I know there are many questions that all of you have…I have them too. We are working very hard to get every piece of information that we can, verify it, and then share.

April 20. 2020

Sorry about the 3 separate pictures, but it was to long to fit into one screenshot.
The HR manager fowarded this email to me today, and I wanted to share right away. It is an update on the ongoing SUB pay issues. Apparently this effected both Jeep, and us. According to the email…look for things to be corrected this week. I hope this helps.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
aImage may contain: possible text that says 'Just to let you know, we detected a problem with the AutoSUB file that we received from Ohio. This problem was causing some of our Ohio employees to not have their SUB payments triggered. We reported this problem earlier in the week to the State of Ohio and have pressured them to provide us with a file. We asked them to correct the last two weeks. Yesterday Ohio sent a new file with 10X the number of records that they originally sent to us!'
Image may contain: possible text that says 'If you have had reports of people not receiving their payments, let them know that it should be corrected this week. Jackie Lepore Employee Relations Administrator SUB and IPP FCA US LLC 1000 Chrysler Drive Auburn Hills, MI USA 48326-2788'

April 16, 2020

Good morning 1435. I finally got some feedback about why Dashboard is not showing a SUB Benefit payment for this week. I am sharing the email I received earlier from HR describing the response from Corporate. I’m taking this response with a “grain of salt” if you will. We are all aware (including the company) that the ODJFS will be adding $600 to unemployment pay. That added amount is supposed to be retroactive to the week starting Sunday, March 29. The added $600 would elim

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'P Phil Hermanutz 8:18 AM to me Tim feedback from corporate is that the auto SUB file from the state contained errors the state is reviewing and trying to correct the errors- once I hear back about the status I will let you know. Phil'

April 14, 2020

Quick update…
I have seen a couple of questions on here about UNUSED vacation/paa pay. This is the answer received back from Corporate via the HR Manager:
All unpaid vacation will be paid out on May 8th, and all unpaid PAA will be paid out on May 15th.
If we are still laid off at that time — this will NOT impact unemployment/SUB as Corporate will be notifying the State.
***Again, if still laid off in May these payouts should NOT be claimed when filing unemployment for those weeks.

April 6, 2020
As I have stated in earlier posts/comments I will share information as it is shared with me.
That being said, I received a call from TMP HR giving me a heads up prior to any official release by FCA. It has been decided that FCA is changing from April 14th to May 4, 2020 for any potential start up.
I am anticipating that this will be released by FCA to the press soon, but I wanted to let everyone know right away.
As always we will continue to do our best to answer questions, and provide updated information when we have it.
Until then…
I hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe. Please continue taking care of yourselves, your families, and each other when possible.


From UAW Local 1435 EAP representative
Maria Hassel


From UAW Local 1435 Attendance Counselor

Latisha Hackett

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You are reminded that you are required to report all absences, tardiness, and home early in accordance to FCA’s Mandatory Call-in Procedure.  A failure to properly report any absence, tardy, or home early from work may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.  The Call-in number to report all absences/tardiness/home early is as follows: 1.800.810.2271.  Absences/tardiness/home early can be reported 24 hours, 7 days/week.

In addition you must contact the FCA Service Center at 1-888-322-4462 to confirm your first day of absence related to your FMLA claim.  You will be advised of your eligibility determination within 5 business days (absent extenuating circumstances) of receiving notice of your first day of absence.

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