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If members have symptoms of COVID-19, they should be instructed to call the BCBS Amwell Online visit number at 844-606-1608 or follow the online instructions (see attached flyer for BCBS online telehealth visits) and the physicians will triage them and provide instructions on follow-up care.

Ohio members – The MMO Telehealth flyer is being updated. The original version’s general member fees were not FCA specific, however, the information listed below can be shared regarding the MMO telehealth benefit.

As a member of Medical Mutual’s SuperMed PPO Network, you have access to Cleveland Clinic’s Express Care Online. Express Care Online is a secure service that offers 24/7 care with no appointment needed for simple conditions such as sinus infections, cold symptoms, rashes, earaches and stomach pain.

How do I learn more and access Express Care Online?

In regards to Medical Leave; We’ve discussed with the company on how disability claims will be reviewed regarding COVID-19.  It is apparent that health care providers are not able to treat members with COVID-19 related symptoms face to face. Because of this, it has been agreed to, at this time, that services through an appropriate online or telemedicine health care provider will be reviewed for certification.  Members must still provide proof of the online/telemedicine diagnosis and/or treatment related to COVID-19.

Additionally, we received confirmation that those who have been quarantined, but are NOT sick will not be covered under disability (i.e. employee went on a cruise 2 weeks ago, has no symptoms/illness, has not treated with an HC provider, but has otherwise been told to be quarantined).

Lastly, a directive was sent to the plant medical departments regarding COVID-19; plant medical is not certifying employee’s time off and employees who report to plant medical with symptoms are being given explicit directions to treat with their own HC providers.

Things continue to develop day by day and we will update you as they are necessary.

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