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Latino/a Worker Leadership Institute 

The Latina/o Workers Leadership Institute invites all workers, union or non-union, and activists from allied organizations to share ideas and grow skills for responding to the challenges facing working persons. We welcome participants from all genders and all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.
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October 3-5, 2019
All Are Welcome!

UM-D Fairlane Center North Building,
19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn, MI, 48126

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2019 Fall Leadership Institute
November 14-16

The Fall Leadership Institute is open to all workers, union or non-union members, and leaders from a variety of organizations to learn together about new ideas, strategies and skills to meet the needs and challenges facing workers in our ever-changing workplaces. We welcome participants from all genders and all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

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1.    STEWARD & COMMITTEE PERSONS’ TRAINING A workshop designed for front-line representatives and activists. Basic skills, such as writing grievances, holding hearings, and winning justice for our members.

2.   LOCAL UNION ADMINISTRATION How to lead a local union, including elections, finances, committees, meetings and rules of the road. For local union Executive Board members or prospects.

3.   LABOR UNION HISTORY A look back to the roots and development of labor unions in America, how we got here and a look ahead to where we may be going. Participants should come knowing their own labor history.

4. ADVANCED GRIEVANCE HANDLING: The course covers the process from grievance filing to arbitration. This advanced instruction is NOT for first-timers. A certificate in Grievance Handling (or equivalent) is required to enroll in this workshop.

5.   STRIKE PREP AND EXECUTION   Learn about strikes as a tool for growing worker power and achieving a fair contract. This workshop will cover history, law, strategy and tactics.

5.   STANDING COMMITTEE TRAINING   All unions have standing committees. Are yours just standing there? Come and discuss how to activate a moribund committee to achieve positive change for members.

6.   ADVANCED MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS  Union leaders have to stay in contact with their members. Come learn the latest in techniques to grab your members’ attention. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

UM-D Fairlane Center North Building
19000 Hubbard Drive
Dearborn, MI, 48126

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These classes are paid for with your TAP funds.
Please contact Marci Leahey is you would be interested in attending

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