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Director Rich Rankin

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President Gary Jones

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Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Program

The Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from the daughters and sons of UAW Region 2B Affiliated Local members who will graduate from high school in 2020. The ACT test is required. If the student has not previously taken the ACT, they should sign up to take the ACT test and have your test scores sent to our office by listing our code number 9894.
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IRCP IMPORTANT information

IRCP IMPORTANT information

Update of FCA‐UAW Apprenticeship Program Selection Process for Qualifying UAW Members after Completing Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP)

This is a follow-up communication for the next steps to be taken after the completion of the Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) to be submitted no later than July 31, 2019.

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the Skilled Trades Local Union Technical Training Coordinators (LTTC) and local leaderships were invited to participate in a conference call to discuss the application process for the UAW-FCA Apprenticeship Program.

The following process has been identified in an effort to facilitate your documents submission so that you can move forward in the UAW-FCA Apprenticeship Program:

  1. Local Technical Training Coordinator (Skilled Trades LTTC) receives certificate of completion with transcripts and verifies that all documents are in the possession of the applicant.
  2. LTTC will make copies of all documents and create a file for each applicant to be kept by the Skilled Trades LTTC.
  3. LTTC will provide the respective Labor Market Area (LMA) Application to the applicant. (If the applicant needs assistance completing the application, the LTTC will assist).
  4. Once the documents have been verified, the LTTC will sign and provide the IRCP Identification and Progress Record to the applicant.
  5. This record will be given to the applicant so that it can be taken to the Human Resource (HR) Representative, along with all other required documents.
  6. HR will verify all documents have been submitted.
  7. HR Representative and the applicant will sign and date the application and the Identification and Progress Record.
  8. Once the Identification and Progress Record is complete, HR will make a copy of the document and provide it to the applicant as evidence of record that the applicant submitted all required documents.
  9. HR Representative will create a file for each candidate to keep and forward all originals to the Company for processing.

 Please see your UAW Skilled Trades local Technical Training Coordinator (LTTC) with any questions related to this process. Your LTTC can also provide and assist you with the necessary documents. Bob Ray at 419.661.0998


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UAW Call Letters

If anyone is interested in attending these conferences complete the registration form and turn into Karl Sill.