FMLA Information – IMPORTANT!

Sedgwick’s viaOne express application makes it easy for FCA employees to request a new claim, obtain the status of FML/leave claims, upload forms to claims, or ask their claim examiner a question. viaOne express is available on any device, you’ll have a 24/7 access and obtain real-time updates.

You are reminded that you are required to report all absences and tardiness in accordance to FCA’s Mandatory Call-
in Procedure. Failure to properly report any absence or tardy from work may result in disciplinary action, up to
and including discharge. The Call-in number to report all absences/tardiness is as follows: 1.800.810.2271.
absences/tardiness can be reported 24 hours, 7 days/week.

In addition you must contact the FCA Service Center at 1-888-322-4462 to confirm your first day of absence related
to your FMLA claim. You will be advised of your eligibility determination within 5 business days (absent extenuating
circumstances) of receiving notice of your first day absence.

Access viaOne express
Go to

Create a new user account
Click new user
Complete the personal information
section of the registration page. Click next
Enter a unique username and password
Select a security question and answer
Click submit
After registration, you will receive a
Confirmation email containing your
Registration information

Log in to viaOne express
Go to
provide your username and password

Create a claim

Click the submit tab to create a new claim/case or provide a return to work date

View your claims

Click the view tab to access your claims/cases, important documents, leave calendar, and leave balance

Upload claim information

In the related links section, click the upload a file link. This opens a page or section and you can browse
and select a file or photo from your PC or mobile device. If you provide an email address or cell phone
number, you will receive a notification status of your upload within four hours. Completed attending
physician statements can be uploaded to your file using this method.

Contact your examiner

In the related links section, click the green envelope icon in the contact column of the my claims page.
Complete the information requested


click here for printable information

FCA Referrals LIST and instructions

Sponsor of Selected Hourly Referral:

Congratulations on having your Referral for hourly hiring consideration selected. Please advise your Referral that all pre-employment criteria must be successfully met and that they will receive an initial email at the email address originally provided from “FCA Talent Acquisition ˂˃”. This email will include a link, which will allow the Referral to complete pre-screen questions and potentially additional steps in the hiring process. It is important that the Referral check their spam folder as well as their regular email. Your Referral should advise you (the Sponsor) immediately of their email address changed. If it has, you as the Sponsor must update the email address through the KIOSK within 30 days of the Referral submission, in order for another introductory email to be sent.

Please advise the Referral to complete the application and any additional on-line steps in the hiring process on a laptop or desktop, as tablets and/or smart phones may not be compatible. 

Please be aware that each successive pre-employment step is directed by email (not all communication will be from the same address as the initial introductory email) and all directives are time sensitive. The pre-employment steps may include a background check, answering on-line questions and participating in an interview.

A Referral may check on his or her status after completing the application by calling Candidate Care at 1-(866) 428-9904
Please emphasize to your Referral the importance of responding to email directions in a timely manner.

FCA US LLC reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend or terminate all or part of the current hiring process and represents only that the process described above is current as of July 17, 2018.

FCA US  LLC                                                                                         July 17, 2018

Benefits – Frank Bills


Recently, Promedica mailed a letter to all Aetna members notifying them of a potential termination of contract agreement with Aetna.

  • Aetna and Promedica Physicians Group are currently in contract negotiations.
  • The contract isn’t set to expire until June 1, 2019.
  • In the meantime, retirees can continue to see Promedica providers at the in-network level of benefits.
  • Retirees will received additional information from Aetna if Promedica decides not to remain in their network after June 1, 2019.


Benefit Representative

Frank Bills


Davis Vision is now part of Versant Health. This will not change or impact vision benefits, but the logo will be updated later this year. Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.Will there be changes to our provider network? No

2.Are pricing or billing procedures changing? No

3.Will our group number stay the same? Yes

4.Will there be changes to the website for Davis Vision? The web address remains

5.Will the telephone and fax numbers be changing? The telephone and fax numbers will remain the same along with mailing addresses.


Click here for more information


TAP Guidelines

  • How to apply for TAP
  • Information needed to apply
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Contact information
  • Book reimbursement (employee TAP only)

Contact Marci Leahey
419-661-3532 For any questions regarding TAP