FCA Referrals



Please be advised Wednesday, July 19th, 2017, the referral window will open for all HBU and SBU employees in the Toledo Labor Market.  This referral window will utilize our Dashboard/Kiosk application to enter submissions 

Attached, are the instructions to access and use the kiosk application.  Please review the instructions as local HR and cascade to the plant via posting(s) at the kiosks. Also, ensure your local UAW committees are notified as well.

The referral window will be open from July 19th, 2017 to July 26th 2017.  Following the precedence of past referrals, each employee will be allowed to submit one (1) referral during this time.  

During the first phase, employees will NOT be able to edit their referral once they have submitted it through the kiosk or Dashboard. Please stress the importance of accuracy in the information EE’s provide regarding their referral.

Employees should be prepared to provide the following information regarding their referral:

•             Name (first and last)

•             Current E-mail

•             Primary Phone #

•             Address (street, city, state, zip)

click here for instructions

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