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To ALL UAW Members,
House Bill 298, which was recently introduced in the Ohio General Assembly, is the latest extreme attack on our freedom to bargain for a better life. This bill would severely limit the rights of working people by curtailing what they can collectively bargain. Even though Ohio voters resoundingly rejected attacks on collective bargaining rights by repealing Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 in 2011, some state legislators persist with these unfair and punitive measures.

CLICK HERE to E-mail you state Representative now and tell them to stop the attacks on collective bargaining.

While the extreme legislators behind this bill will tell you that it is about limiting sick days for public employees, we know the truth. This is just the first step in trying to silence our voice at the workplace. Today they try to limit how we collectively bargain for sick days; tomorrow it will be about limiting how we collectively bargain over pay, safety in the workplace and how we grieve unfair conditions. This legislation comes straight from Senate Bill 5. This is their attempt to pass that bad legislation piecemeal and we must fight back against ANY attempts to limit our voice on the job.

CLICK HERE to download a workplace flier and help us spread the word about this bad bill. Share the flyer with your co-workers and tell them to call the 888 number to be connected to their State Representative and have their voices HEARD.

Instead of these unnecessary and undue attacks on our collective bargaining rights, the General Assembly should be focused on helping municipalities get the state funding they need to serve and protect our communities. Please download the flyer HERE and share with your co-workers. We need to tell the General Assembly to stop attacking the basic freedoms of working people and to oppose House Bill 298.

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to E-mail you state Representative now and tell them to stop the attacks on collective bargaining.

We are reaching out to UAW members in Lorain County - and across the region - to ask for your support. Please contact the Lorain County Commissioners to urge them to treat our members at Local 2192 fairly, and that our JFS members can NOT be expected to sign a blank check when it comes to their healthcare.  

Contact info for the Lorain County Commissioners and the County Administrator

Lorain County Commissioners – General Line (440) 329-5103

County Administrator     Jim Cordes   

direct line – (440) 329-5760     email   fax – 440-323-3357     

Commissioner   Ted Kalo             

direct line – (440) 329-5300      email 

Commissioner    Lori Kokowski  

direct Line – (440) 329-5100       email

Commissioner    Matt Lundy       

direct line – (440) 329-5200       email

Suggested messages that can be left on the Commissioners voicemail, email, or Facebook pages.


  • UAW members at Local 2192, the Lorain County Jobs and Family Services employees, provide Lorain County residents with essential services like food stamps, medical and cash assistance as well as daycare and adult protective services. Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • LU 2192 members have been in negotiations for well over a year and the Commissioners have refused to provide them with important information regarding the cost of their health insurance - information our members need to negotiate a fair contract.  Our members are among the lowest paid bargaining units in the County - some are even eligible for public assistance themselves. That is unbecoming of our County Leaders.
  • You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the price. Why should the workers buy your health care plan that way? I support UAW Local 2192.