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February 8, 2015
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We Will NEVER Forget!

We need your help now.  Congress is considering a bill that will allow trade bills to quickly become law without traditional debate and an amendment process.

Tell your elected representative that this is a bad deal for American workers and the domestic auto industry.

CALL 1-855-712-8441.

You will be asked to enter your zip code and then you will be connected with your representative.

THE UAW does not support a FAST TRACK bill.

  • Fast Track severely limits the ability of Congress to amend pending and future trade agreements.
  • Fast Track is un-democratic.
  • Fast Track keeps Congress’ from doing its job: shaping and debating legislation and only gives elected leaders an up or down vote.
  • Fast Track puts US workers and companies at a competitive disadvantage internationally.

Please call now. It will take less than 5 minutes.  CALL 1-855-712-8441.

For more information on Fast Track, visit

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History of White Shirt Day
February 11

Men and women throughout the UAW wear white-collar attire traditionally donned by management to remember the sacrifices and victories of workers during the 1936-1937 GM Sit-Down Strike.

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Norwood Jewell
UAW Vice President

First, I want to thank the UAW membership and delegates to the 36th UAW Constitutional Convention for the great honor you have given me to serve as an International UAW Vice President.
For those who don’t know me, my name is Norwood Jewell and I’ve been a UAW member since 1976. I worked at the General Motors Flint Metal Fabricating plant in Michigan and continue to be a proud member of local 659.

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and in the Flint-area for most of it – I grew up the oldest of four brothers in Swartz Creek. My mother and father met while he was in the Navy. My father began his career with the Grand Trunk Railroad and then finished and retired from General Motors while my mother worked for the local school district. I have four children and my partner in life is my wife, Suzette.

That’s part of my biography, but it probably doesn’t give you the sense of who I am as a trade unionist or a leader. I know in the near future, I will have the chance to work with many of you and you will build your own impressions of me, but for now, let me tell you a little about how I see the world.

First and foremost, I believe in fairness. I believe in equal treatment for all. It’s what fuels my sense of social justice. What frustrates me most is seeing disparate treatment in our UAW worksites. Even inequities created by circumstances such as tiered workforces are not things that we should be resigned to live with.

Second, I don’t give up. A good trade unionist never does – you have to believe in the long term goals. As an activist and leader in my local, I knew you might have set backs before you get the victory, but each round makes you stronger and smarter, if you take the time to study and learn from what happened.

Finally, I think being a part of the labor movement and especially the UAW is an honor and joy. If you dedicate your life to something, then I hope that it is something that gives you pride and happiness. I have to say that the past four decades have brought a lot of happy moments to my life, and most of those have been because of the solidarity and generosity of our members.

I’m personally very excited about working with the membership of the Chrysler, General Dynamics, agricultural implement and heavy truck sectors. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to share more about my vision for these departments and my plans to realize our goals.

Informational Articles in PROmember

We are strongest when we stand together.

The more of us who participate, the stronger we all are.

Member involvement is the reason for all of our achievements, both at and beyond the bargaining table.

We’ve raised standards in our industries. We’ve brought jobs and investment back home. And we’ve created new paths into the middle class, lifting workers out of poverty.

But the rise of non-union competition and a recent wave of anti-union attacks are challenging us like never before.

To restore our bargaining power, we all have to take responsibility and participate more. There are no excuses.

After all, The UAW’s power is based on the idea of solidarity. If one of our members succeeds, we all succeed.

What can you do? A lot! Here are ways to participate:

  • Get active: Attend meetings, go to trainings, read updates, ask questions.
  • Get involved: Volunteer to be on standing committees.  Take the initiative to talk to co-workers about how to strengthen our union to face the challenges of the future.
  • Give feedback: Let leaders at all levels know your ideas and concerns. We know that we are stronger together, so your input is incredibly important. It’s crucial that this be a two-way conversation, so please send leadership your thoughts at

And we will do our part. The UAW plans to take the following steps to increase membership participation as part of the PRO-member plan:

  • Improve member communications at the worksite
  • Intensify local outreach through an expanded digital program that encourages local unions to develop email and social media programs as well as to increase direct communication from local leadership
  • Solicit ideas and feedback from members across the country

Expand our online presence, revamp our website and give members more mechanisms to plug in, connect with other members, and increase participation within their own communities

2014 Family House
December 18, 2014

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2012 UAW Built Vehicles List

Gimme Five

2011 summary

Jobs Act

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