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September 14, 2014
Committees 1:00
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Frank BillsMessage from...
Frank Bills
Benefit Representative

Due to many of our members going to the Emergency Room for non-emergency, it is important that we understand what is considered an emergency. The attached flyer explain the Right Care at the Right place. Also, attached is a list of Urgent Care Centers.
Click here for SmartER
Click here for Urgent Care Centers in our area

Monday July 7, 2014 Wayne Blanchard swore in our locals newly elected officials for their 3 year term.
Top 4 officers are:
President - Bob Bickerstaff
Vice President - David Ewing
Recording Secretary - Karl Sill
Financial Secretary - Karen Neff

click here to view all elected officials


UAW President Dennis Williams announces assignments

DETROIT — UAW President Dennis Williams issued the following statement today regarding assignments for newly elected union officers:

“I think you will agree that we have had a spirited convention. As all of this convention’s open and democratic debates have shown, our members – like most Americans – are tired of economic inequality and want to return to the equality and social justice that is the beating heart of our union. Our members, every man and woman, are united in their desire to build both workplaces and a country where economic equality is at the center of our lives.

“The first word in the UAW’s name is “United” and that is not an accident. Unity and solidarity define our union. Our members are united in the struggle for justice and for a middle class standard of living, both in UAW workplaces and in society at large. Our members know the gaps in justice that exist both in our organized shops and in the non-organized sector of UAW industries. Unity and solidarity means that every day the UAW and its members struggle to bridge these gaps in justice. We do this through collective bargaining. We do this in our organizing efforts. And we do this through social and political action. As UAW’s newly elected president, I pledge to work every day in solidarity with our members and with my fellow Board members to bridge the gaps in justice that exist both in our workplaces and society. These gaps in justice call out for fundamental change, and the UAW is once again ready to lead.

“Solidarity will define our new leadership team. Each of our new officers and Board members has risen through the ranks as workers for economic and social justice. Our new officer team will each focus on diverse assignments, but we all will work together in pursuit of the common goals our members have set for us at this convention.

“I would like to introduce our new officers and announce their assignments:

  • Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casteel – UAW finances, Transnational Organizing, Mitsubishi Motors
  • Vice-President Jimmy Settles – Ford Motor Company and Aerospace
  • Vice-President Cindy Estrada – General Motors Corporation and Independents, Parts and Suppliers
  • Vice-President Norwood Jewell – Chrysler Group LLC, Agricultural Implement, Heavy Truck and General Dynamics

“UAW’s Technical, Office and Professional work will be retained by the President’s Office. And all our officers and executive board members will work as a team on organizing the unorganized.

“We are ready to get to work as a team, with our members, to achieve the goals our members have set for themselves and us at this great, open and democratic convention.”

Dennis Williams: It's our time to get in the fight

Corporate America is failing in its responsibility to its workers and the nation and is failing at it, newly elected UAW President Dennis Williams told delegates in his keynote address on the final day of the 36th UAW Constitutional Convention. “Brothers and sisters, companies around the globe are making billions and billions. Too many times they reward themselves and leave their employees little to survive on,” Williams said. “It’s time to bridge the gap. It’s time to lift up people. It’s time for each and every one of us to tell our corporations: No more concessions,” the UAW’s 11th president said. “We are tired of it. Enough’s enough!” click here to read more at

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