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May 17, 2015
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BP Striking Workers 
Today UAW Local 1435 delivered thier donation of $1635.00 to the striking workers at BP. We talked with some of the picketers. Jeff Ball - he worked in the tank fields for 11 years. These workers have been on strike since February. The main issues they have is Management rights issues and eliminating positions which cause safety concerns in the plant and the around the community. says Ball. At this time BP Corporate along with USW National and a federal mediator are sitting down to try to come to an agreement. Front line supervisors and scabs are in the plant running production. These workers are going through their savings to make it everyday. There is a lot of financial support they have been receiving from other locals from all over along with the USW Strike assistance fund. The Woman of Steel have been donating food.
We also spoke with Chad Culbertson - President of the USW for 8 years, worked at BP for 19 years. Mr. Culbertson told us that BP does not want to staff people according to their contract. The company wants the union to throw out all grievances an arbitrations. The union told them "No Way, the company is trying to take away our rights! What is your life worth? We work in gas assembly. It is not and never has been about money it is about safety. The BP plant in Oregon is an integrated plant. If one part of the plant goes the whole plant is down. None of the other facilities that made agreements has had this language that BP wants in their agreements. We can't let these companies run us over. It isn't just a fight with the USW it is a fight with everyone. We have been too quiet. It is time to strike back" . There are workers from the BUILDING TRADES inside the plant working CROSSING THE PICKET LINES. The USW is not very pleased but Mr. Culbertson told us that he will support other unions for their contracts whether they support us or not because that is what UNIONS do! Solidarity!

CALL CONGRESS and tell them:
NO on FAST TRACK 1-888-926-0045

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Informational Articles in PROmember

We are strongest when we stand together.

The more of us who participate, the stronger we all are.

Member involvement is the reason for all of our achievements, both at and beyond the bargaining table.

We’ve raised standards in our industries. We’ve brought jobs and investment back home. And we’ve created new paths into the middle class, lifting workers out of poverty.

But the rise of non-union competition and a recent wave of anti-union attacks are challenging us like never before.

To restore our bargaining power, we all have to take responsibility and participate more. There are no excuses.

After all, The UAW’s power is based on the idea of solidarity. If one of our members succeeds, we all succeed.

What can you do? A lot! Here are ways to participate:

  • Get active: Attend meetings, go to trainings, read updates, ask questions.
  • Get involved: Volunteer to be on standing committees.  Take the initiative to talk to co-workers about how to strengthen our union to face the challenges of the future.
  • Give feedback: Let leaders at all levels know your ideas and concerns. We know that we are stronger together, so your input is incredibly important. It’s crucial that this be a two-way conversation, so please send leadership your thoughts at

And we will do our part. The UAW plans to take the following steps to increase membership participation as part of the PRO-member plan:

  • Improve member communications at the worksite
  • Intensify local outreach through an expanded digital program that encourages local unions to develop email and social media programs as well as to increase direct communication from local leadership
  • Solicit ideas and feedback from members across the country

Expand our online presence, revamp our website and give members more mechanisms to plug in, connect with other members, and increase participation within their own communities

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